EA Programming Support Service

Best ever after sales support!
Free Change Request, Version Update etc. (Once within 90 days after delivery.)

We provide solution for system trade difficulties.

We support you to complete your own EA or to produce your own indicators for such as:

Customers who thought good idea but cannot program EA by himself/herself.
Customers who is struggling to run his/her own program properly.
Customers who cannot be confident that his/her own program/logic is working as it should be.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding programming EA.

1. Free change order service after made-to-order EA software delivery.

When you got your made-to-order EA software delivered by us, you may find the software cannot provide enough profit than expected in real world or background test. But you would not like to spend money for change request.


In such a case, we will conduct reprogramming upon your change request for free for the first time within 90 days after delivery.

* This free revision service is applicable for the EA software which you have placed order to us to make. If you would like to have the new "full scratch" EA software, you have to order another EA Programming Support Service.

2. Various function and adjustment range as default function

You can add additional functions such as "stop loss change for break even", "stop loss change for trailing stop" etc for free. Also, the EA software is programed to enable you to change parameter range and enable/disable setting of each properties as standard function.

3. You can even sell/rent your own made-to-order EA!

You can sell or rent your made-to-order EA software if you wish to do so. Please refer EA Affiliate Sales & Rental Service for further information about this service.

Procedure for EA Programming Support Service

Here is the rough procedure to make made-to-order EA software for you.
At first, please inquire for the quote by email and advice us the your request conditions for trading. Even if you have very rough and primitive trading scheme, please feel free to contact us for consultation.
We will get back to you with a quote by email within 72 hours.
You can make payment for the service by credit card or Paypal once you agree with the service terms and conditions.
Then we will confirm your detailed trading condition to set in the EA software.
It will take around two weeks for delivery of your made-to-order EA software. We may contact with you during development of the software to make sure.

   (1) Receiving inquiry from you by Email.
   (2) Replying within 72 hours.
   (3) Payment by bank wire.
   (4) Completion of programmin within two weeks after fixing trading logic.
   (5) Program file delivery by email.


Basic Price for EA Programming Support Service

EA Programming Support Service Base Price: US$ 500
Custom Indicator Setup Base Price: US$ 500
EA Programming Support & Custom Indicator Setup: US$ 800
(US$ 200 discount from sum of the two services fee.)
The made-to-order "EX4" file to be delivered by email.

Price for optional services

Email notification function
Lot Size Management: $130
Trading in specific time range: $130
Installment payment by positioning: $130
Using custom indicator: $150

Revision of trading strategy after programmed

Free for the first time change request within 90 days after delivery.
$130 for each change request from second order.
This fee is applicable for functions/strategy for the standard service which is included base price.
If you would like to add/revise functions within the optional functions, additional optional function fee is applicable.


The copyrights for the programmed EA belong to RIO Entertainment Inc.
Please refer the following instructions if you would like to acquire copyrights as well.

You will receive the ".ex4" file. To view or edit the program source code, you need the ".mq4" file.
We sell this ".mq4" file to customer who wants copyrights and the software at the same time.
You need not ".mq4" but ".ex4" file to change just parameters.
The price for the program with copyrights is three time of program itself price.
Please feel free to contact us for any queries such as support for editing of program source code.

Please feel free to contact us for further queries.